Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lush for life...

I've been super busy and neglecting my blog for a bit, so what have I done?

HUNDREDS. It's going to be picture heavy as I have done hundreds, so bare with me...!

I made myself some awful slippers, the picture honestly doesn't capture just how shocking the wool is for this :)

I ordered myself some new boots

they where an obscene price £250.00 here, so i got them from USA via my friend Jeff, saving me about 120 bucks.

I got mini two new pairs of boots

the school pair

the sensible pair, well for out of school, they are not however this horrendous purple colour, they are chocolate brown, which is awesome :)

I also got a new car

It's a 2.5 litre v6, loads of torque and BHP (I can see the non car folks going HUH right now...)

Its a lovely colour dead nice to drive full service history, ching ching, costing me a small fortune to run, but it's pretty and fast so I don't mind so much...!!

I booked minis birthday party, 24th October she's going to be 7, feart that we won't have enough kids showing up though and we need a minimum of 10! She's having at the Science Centre in Glasgow from 12-4 on her actual birthday, excitement :) we've invited 14 kids but it's October week so Im struggling to contact people at the moment, joy.

My boyfriends birthday is on the 8th November, we are going to the witchery for dinner and doing another thing, "the surprise" (haha Fraser hope you didn't think i'd tell you on here, nosy man) There will be pictures

finally I got a job, I now work for Lush in their Buchanan Street Store. Currently I'm a christmas temp, but hopefully I'll get kept on after xmas!!!

I want to take loads of pictures at work and run their twitter, as it would be amazing and I'd love for it to be really popular.

I think thats it from me, other than that

Hope you're all well :)