Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, how are we all?

Me I'm knackered

I love my job, I honestly do, it's epic, the staff are starting to relax and get to know us better now.

We had an EPIC party for Frasers birthday, i kinda got drunk and forgot to take pictures, woops!!

We had a birthday party for Rachels birthday, which I will eventually share with you lucky, lucky people.

We're going out this Friday for dinner to The Witchery In Edinburgh, then the birthday surprise, I will take pictures, so expect an update on Saturday/Sunday :)

This week, I've been mostly doing outcomes, got 4 to do, two rewrites and two submissions, who said college is easy going? Well not rewrites, just expansions.

I've been getting epic migranes recently, I dont like to complain, but the nausea pain is starting to drive me MENTAL!

Also been having more issues with mini/school lately, her teachers not very professional and when I tried to ask her questions, I was accused of threatening her, needless to say I contacted the head teacher, I'm not a fan of being lied to, never mind by a professional.

I've not seen anyone in absolutely ages, I bought myself an embroidery kit from the publishers works, so I think tonight im going to start that and drink apple tea from my tea pot. MM tea pot.

i tried to sign up to lisa's xmas swap but for some reason my emails idiotic and didnt sent it, Sigh.

Other than that, im awesome, as always

Oh also....this is the only picture you're getting because


I'm amazingly pleased about this, I had been following the book tour for ages, and I wanted his book anyway, because well ya know i love him.

I went to Braehead, the times where 12:30 to 1:30, 1:15 i get there, find the BEST parking space ever, get in, am the LAST person to get my book signed and I'm now amazing.

Downside? I had an engine oil handprint on my face, I smelt like 9,698 mile old engine old/sweat, and was wearing a tech support tshirt, joggy bottoms, a digital watch and my vans.

I am class Personified.

Talk soon