Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's all political

I'm not very politically minded, but I thought I would give this a bash.

I'm going to post about the dispute going on between communication workers union and Royal Mail

I know this story from both sides, so I will do my best to lay out both sides.

From a union perspective, being an ex trade union rep myself, I wholey understand why they are striking, but I can't understand why CWU aren't advertising the reason to the public, to make them more aware of the plight of the postie (as it where).

Royal mail have, in recent years, taken the 2nd class post away, meaning more work for less post men, rounds have been lengthened, they are now expected to do twice the work for the same amount of pay. A situation which I am sure is prominent in many a workplace, although most of these workplaces don't involve the adverse weather conditions and mood of Joe Public to deal with.

CWU are basically striking to ensure that the postmen are getting fair pay for working more hours, for the same money and to help modernisation along without the loss of jobs. This would result in more hours needing worked by the less postmen, not exactly a fair deal, is it??

Now, for the flip side, the other side of the coin. Who is the strike affecting?

Well, it's affecting...Joe Public, small businesses like 

This Charming Girl

This website is run by Jackie, her business is being affected as the mail isn't being delivered, either by royal mail standard or recorded delivery, leaving her at a loss as to what to do.

The obvious option is courier, this is an expensive option for her and many other small business people, meaning that if this strike doesn't pick up, it could affect how their business ends up.

For this reason I'm inm turmoil, I understand why their striking but seeing how its affecting myself and many other people along with small and possibly large business people.

I'm staying on the fence.

Turns out, this wasn't political at all!

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