Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mince, Potatos and doughballs

Firstly apologise for the rubbish photos, im using the one built into my laptop, will try and resolve that ASAP!!!

Tonight I am making mince potatos and doughballs, something my mum used to make me when I was a kid, and its tasty, filling and not very time consuming.

Hence my love, will be less picture heavy tonight but here goes 

you will need:

Mince (dur!)

any vegetables you wish to add to your mince 

gravy granules (I love bisto, I know, corporate whore here..)

Baking soda

self rasing flour

cup of milk

cup of water

Brown your mince in a huge pot (I use a pressure cooker for extra yumminess)

I drain off any grease, dependant on mince quality and then add gravy to it, let it simmer and today I added some carrots through my mince, because I was far too lazy to make them seperatlely.

Now, to make doughballs, something my mum loves, they end up fluffy and soft, they're very filling and I'd recommend them, especially with Mince!!!!

so, now how to make doughballs

one mug of flour into a bowl (for approx 4/5 small doughballs)


1/2 teaspoon of bicard/baking soda (so your doughballs rise)

bicarb spoon

some milk and water 

milk and water

stir milk and water in equal amounts, so for every spoon of water you want one spoon of milk, until there is no dry flour left in the bottom of the bowl, your mix shouldnt be too sticky though.

flour your counter, to roll your balls on

milk and water

they should be covered in flour totally now, not be sticky anywhere

just prepared

add them to your pot of mince


when you cut them open they should look quite fluffy inside - it was really difficult to show how fluffy they are.


Hope you enjoy!

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