Friday, November 27, 2009

women in the media

I've been pondering lately about women in the media, I personally am sick fed up of hearing how models are shopped to perfection. Removing every blemish on their body to make them spot free, cellulite free, wrinkle free, fat free and the perfect shape, skin colour and glow.

Now, I for one do not require to be anything like these size zero perfect women, who at the end of the day are nothing but false.

From Loreal advertising for making your hair "better", to mascara adverts, to nail polish, eye liner, shoes. Most of the advertising for women is falsified with beauty.

I like the dove adverts, were natural women are promoted, regardless of their shape, age, hair colour, size of their arse.

Big can be beautiful as can slim, be who you want to be not who you are required to be by the media, your mascara isn't going to miraculously make your eyelashes the same as the models. Why? because she has false ones in. You don't - well you might, but if you don't you have no chance.

Embrace yourself, tell closer, heat, more to shove it.

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