Sunday, March 14, 2010

Soup, Bread, Cake & Peg Bag

This weekend I was meant to be going to airsoft so I decided that I would make soup since It's still rather cold out. I made an epic amount of cake, bread and Soup.
I love making soup in this weather, especially when it's rather wintery, like it is just now.
I also usually make cake for my team, this week it was caramel shortbread, which I love, as does my whole team.
Hopefully going back to airsoft will encourage me to make more stuff.

I made Leek, Potato & Onion soup


4 Leeks
4 Large Potatoes (dice small)
1 Medium onion - chopped finely
Knob of butter
1 1/2 pints chicken/vegetable stock
10fl Oz Milk
Large Pot

Take the outer layer off your leek
chop through the middle
chop them finely
peel and dice potatoes
chop onion finely
Put potatoes, onions and leeks in pot with a bit of butter
coat them all in the butter
sweat the vegetables for 15 mins
add the stock & Milk and simmer until the vegetables are soft
once soft, leave to cool and blend
put back in pot and season to taste, soup, sorted

I also made wholemeal seed & Grain bread,


650g seed and grain flour
10g/2tsp salt
10g/2tsp sugar
15g butter or 15ml vegetable oil
15g/1tbsp dried active yeast (you can use normal yeast and if so recipe is a little different)

In a bowl rub the flour, salt and 1tsp sugar in the bowl
in a jug 100ml cold water, 50ml hot water, and 1tbsp of the yeast
stir and leave in a warm place until it has 2cm of froth
add the yeast mix when it's ready with 1tsp of sugar
add more hot water until your bread is a nice dough
take out bowl, onto well floured surface
knead for 10mins or until elastic and smooth
put it in a bowl and cover with a damp teatowel/clingfilm (if using cling film, coat with oil)
put bread in a warm place for about 30 mins or until double the size
take bread out, put into loaf tins and into the oven at 230oC/Gas mark 8
bake for around 30 mins
take bread out and tap hard to check if it sounds hollow, if not put back in oven without the tin and test until it sounds hollow

last but not least I made cake

Recipe (final one, promise...)

Ingredients (Biscuit Base):
8oz (200g) plain flour
6oz (150g) margarine
30z (75g) caster ugar

Ingredients (Filling):
2oz (25g) margarine
2oz (25g) soft brown sugar
A large tin of condensed milk

Rub the margarine and flour together in a bowl until you have a mix which is similar to breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar. Spread the mixture evenly into a 9" (23cm) square tin which has been lined with baking parchment. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170C/340F (160C/320F if fan assisted) for approximately 35 minutes until it is golden brown. Allow the base to cool.
Heat the filling ingredients together in a pot, making sure that you stir it constantly (otherwise it will stick!) until it begins to simmer. Continue stitting until it thickens (which it should do in a few minutes). Spread the filling evenly over the base and again allow to cool.
Melt the chocolate so that you can spread it over the filling.
When it has cooled and you are ready to eat it, cut up into squares or rectangles with a sharp knife.

finally I made myself a peg bag, as I got sick fed up of having my pegs being in a plastic bag
simply just sewed up one of Rachel's old nightgowns at the bottom and added a coat hanger


  1. Way to start blogging again lady! I wan't to eat all of that, now! Also, the peg bag is super cute! Your leek and potato soup recipe is different to mine, I must try it.

  2. Oh! also, you should do labels for your posts. As you write more, it'll make it easier for your followers to find recipes/craft things etc. so far, you definitely need - soup, bread, cake/pudding, and sewing.