Friday, June 25, 2010

it's all about her

So this time it's all about my daughter.

My daughter Rachel was born on 24th October 2003, she was 6lb 12oz, I alas don't have any pictures of her here as a baby, since they're all in her photo album, which is at my mums

she loves getting her picture taken and was talking away at just over a year, she could hold a full conversation and still asks major questions.

this is her about 8 months old

She started walking when she was 9 months old, and she was tiny at the time, looked like she was about 3 months old, due to her height, she was wearing 18 months clothes at 2 1/2

She grew up exceedingly fast

on her 2nd birthday with her noddy cake, made by my friends wife Luci

She went to a private nursery, which was amazingly expensive and learned a fair bit of French
she came on in leaps and bounds and ended up singing to me a xmas song in French, she wasnt even 3 yet!!

at nursery on halloween, still 2

when she was 3 we moved home and she contined going to her private nursery, when she was 4 she went to the council nursery, it was weird having her at home half of the day!!

She turned 4 in 2007

4th birthday, with her bear percy which was brought home from America for her before she was even here yet.

She was still growing and before i knew it she was off to school!!

first day of school

she went to school with Mrs Connell and this is where the problems started, the teacher said she was dreamy, and I wasn't convinced, my daughter loved to read and asks majorly inappropriate questions for her age, including what blackmail is and the holocaust.

The teacher's weren't convinced, but her teacher was so she challenged her and the problem went away

until this year, when again i was told she was dreamy, i explained that I wasn't convinced as she reads Roald Dhal, Harry Potter and such other things, the book she gets at school are a-typical kids books, so not very challenging.

I was also told she wasn't a very good writer, I asked if the teacher could do anything about it, and she shrugged, which didn't impress me, so I asked for a worksheet to be sent home so we could work on her writing at home. If this happens again, I'll be making an official complaint to the school.

So that's my daughter, she's now 6, she loves, loves having her picture taken, she's going to be a complete heartbreaker when she's older!!

In the park, picture taken by my friend Pete

easter dress that my mums friend bought her

another park picture

I love my daughter, I'm amazingly proud of her and I want her to be happy and I hope that the school actually does something with her

on the slide

hope this was a good update


  1. She's a smasher Julie, you should be so proud of her

  2. she's gotten huge since last time you seen her!!!