Tuesday, May 25, 2010

carma cawheelion

Yes I know it's a rubbish title but I don't care! :)

So, let me see....

I'm Julie, I'm 28 I drive a mark 3 VW Golf 1.6 litre and it has no where near enough power for my liking. I'm a complete car geek, I love cars, not like you'd know from my blog, it's been all cooking and crafts to date!

So I decided tonight for you lucky few I'd write a bit about my days at college.

First of all

Mechanics like doctors aren't infallible, we do make mistakes. Myself, I got a socket set jammed under the safety switch on the four poster ramp, jamming it.....while my car was on the bloody thing.

We used a jack to jack the leg up, getting it high enough to move the socket set from under the switch and move the ramp, phew disaster averted.

Today Chloe cross threaded a nut on a fuel injector

this was the injector, she cross threaded the bolt that attaches between the camshaft and the actual injector, meaning our lecturer had to fix it with a hacksaw.... It worked though!

To make us all feel better Peter told us one of his horror stories, he was working on a Suzuki motorbike and overtightened the timing chain, leaving it in a silver mist of fuel, writing off the guys engine. He said he felt like asking if he should get his coat.

Mistakes are part and parcel of the job, it's kind of terrifying to know that someones pride and joy is in your care and you solely are responsible for it. This is why I am glad to look at things but I would NEVER attempt something if I wasn't 100% confident I could do it.

This is a formula four car, from Knockhill racing circuit, they brought it down for us to do pit stop challenges on, our team "The Dubnuts" (Hey me and Liam like VW's sorry...) got 38 seconds, which is good, but no where near the 28 seconds that won the prize - an all expenses paid trip to Knockhill and a chance to see the touring car final full hospitality!!!!

We have a variety of lecturers on our course

this is two of their cars

The one on the left is a Blue Citreon Picasso and the one on the right is a V8 Red Chevy Camaro Belonging to V8 Pat as we've dubbed him. I love this car, left hand drive, BHP and torque coming out its ears. (you non car people are like blah blah what now, aren't you? I'm sorry!)

We've done a few things so have some other car pictures

One of the students in another class put the jack in the wrong place on a red Saxo the college have, bending the chassis and moving the radiator, myself & Liam had to strip it right down and rebuild it. I have one picture of it stripped down to the bodywork

I think I'm just about done.

I'll leave you with a very very very badly spray painted yellow wheel

This had nothing to do with me nor Liam, this is a car on my street, with one painted yellow wheel, beginner spray painting tip mate, don't drive with your newly painted wheels!!!

Hope that was quite enjoyable for you, if so I'll post a whole day of stripping and parts and oh you'll love it ;)

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  1. I don't understand most of this, BUT i think you mechanicy stuff is awesome, and it's nice to see that aspect of you on your blog!