Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cat Tastrophe

Firstly, I'd like to apologise, I've not updated since November, had some rather pressing personal issues, so my poor blog got neglected. I'm sorry blog, I do love you, honest.

Then today, I was reminded why I love Blogging by Lisa Hughes Lisa has just made her blog all pretty, it's very much like her, lots of cake and tea. I am a fan of both cake, and tea.

So...What have I been up to?

Well alot actually. I made some cake for my friends birthday, with fake cream filling, which was fun to make

and then I headed off to her birthday party where I had a rather lot to drink...

Not all my booze, but a selection of booze

I also saved a sparrows life, hence the blog title, my little monster cat caught a sparrow and it wasnt dead, i let it go free. Hooray for sparrow saving!

I also applied for a job, with the RAF, I'm actually a little terrified, why? Because you need to be SUPER fit, It's avionics mechanic job, I'm just about to send away my application form, just need to hit submit, just building up my courage first. Cough! This is the role I am looking at, at the moment, scary stuff.

So, again I can only apologise for my tardy blogness, it's been a tough few months, but I do have you lovely people and my blog to keep me from going nuts.

until next update, take care folks.

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  1. Hurrah for the update! I have missed your blogging! Hurrah for saving a sparrow too!

    Fingers crossed for the job *crosses fingers indefinitely* xx