Saturday, May 28, 2011

no bizness i know!

Hey hey there bloggeroo's (channelling Ned Flanders from The Simpsons there)
First of all apologies, my i on my keyboard is broke, so i am copying and pasting it

i decided that i'd write a wee review this week, no - i did not get any money for it, and it's more of a recommendation than a review.

As most of you parents know soft play areas are HELL, or is that just me!? i always find that there are loads of kids running around, screaming, getting hurt, etc. (i know kind of the point, right?) but this means its always REALLY busy, and Rachel finds it hard to enjoy herself.

We decided instead of going to the big adventure today we'd head to Braehead and go to Monkey Bizness The price on the door seems expensive, i'll give you that, but the prices for the food and drink made up for it by a long shot

i got cake - huge slice of chocolate cake, pot of tea, large jug of cordial juice (they said it had 10 glasses in it but it has way more, Rachel drank 8 glasses and it was only half empty!) and it was the princley sum of £5!

i sat on a nice red leather sofa, took my shoes off and sat there, rachel returned and asked to have a shot on a rock climbing wall, so off i went, fully expecting it to cost yet more money, as most things in kids places tend to, nope included in the price.

You can stay there as LONG as you like, so we stayed for 4 hours, all in it cost me £14.00 not too bad considering 2 hours at the big adventure has cost me MUCH more than that.

i loved the place, with the couches, it had bean bags too, for kids and adults to sit on you just grab one from the corner. i felt comfortable and relaxed, read my book and the staff were on the ball, they kept the kids under control, no mean feat when there's loads of them.

Can not recommend this place enough, will be going back without a shadow of a doubt!

i have never recommended anything, especially not soft play.

i may take pictures next time!

until later xxx


  1. That is a very fair price for what you got, I bet mini loved it!