Monday, May 9, 2011

It's time to relax

So, first of all, two blog posts in a week, aren't you lucky?

What's going through my head? This

I've had an utterly exhausting day, so I decided I'd chill out and relax

so I decided

A nice cup of tea

and my footspa where in order, yes I know I'm a wee bit middle aged

I'm also wearing my Pyjamas (they're grey jogging types, no picture sadly)

I'm also watching terrible TV, which consists of beauty and the geek

and in case you're wondering - which i doubt, the thing in my background is this

Its shaun the sheep, it's a footstool and it's FREAKING awesome, It's a bit dirty, cause I use it loads, but I love it

So what do you enjoy relaxing with?

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